Shri Hridai Nath Wanchoo

Social Activist, Trade Unionist, Human Rights Activist, Founder of Workers Movement in Jammu and Kashmir

Brief About Shri H.N. Wanchoo

For those who don’t know Hridai Nath Wanchoo, he was a social activist who selflessly worked for the downtrodden, founder of Human Rights movement, pioneer of workers movement and trade unions in the state. Mr. Wanchoo was the first one who filed the cases of Kunan Poshpora rape victims, documented hundreds of cases of extrajudicial killings and had prepared habeas corpus petitions on behalf Perhaps,you are aware that every kind of paper has fundamentals and its structure you have to follow. It’s certainly catchy for some other difficulties linked with their time along with other errands and students who face long. Read More

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